Tales of The Traveling Sword

Tracking a lost agent

Jules, Rolf, Toque, Larunem go on their first quest

The members of the Silver Falcon were called in for their first mission briefing. The party was surprised to find that the only person greeting them wasDeaenla Xeaz informed them that Durza had gone missing and they were being assigned to find him. Durza had been sent to look for a merchant who had disappeared on his way to Avgard. The party finds a destroyed caravan and signs of a skirmish with tracks leading away from the caravan towards Avgard. As the party investigated they were able to deduce that an Owlbear had attacked and killed the merchant, and Durza along with his partner Eridan had slain it during their investigation. Toque climbed inside the caravan in order to gather materials and search for clues. While looking around Larunem heard a sound and the party got into readying position. Soon a raiding party of goblins emerged from the forest to ransack the caravan. The party dispatched them after some difficulty and during the fighting Toque discovered a secret compartment in the caravan that contained small statues, they recognized the statues as the same ones that lay smashed on the ground outside. After smashing the statue they found inside a map of the fortress of the traveling sword and worried that there may be a traitor in their midst.

The Silver Falcon continued to Avgard and questioned the merchants that were expecting supplies from the destroyed caravan. They met with three merchants, Or’ncif, Shaedevn, and Thiyravn. Shaedevn and Or’ncif both had one thing in common, they were expecting materials made by Dorgal Torand. (Shaedevn wanted weapons, and Or’ncif wanted mythril which he was weaving in his everyday clothing) the number one suspect was Thiyravn as she had in her store the same statues the map was in. After smashing one of the statues into the ground Toque discovered to his embarrassment that the plans were not inside all of the statues, and that it was a coincidence that Thiyravn sold them. After making one last stop at the shop the herbalist Corinth whom Rolf knew from when he was younger, they decided that the best bet for finding Durza and the traitor was to search for Dorgal in his hometown of Marlgrad. While leaving they saw a crowd begin to form in the town square, addressing the town was a man dressed in jet black armor and holding a large black sword the party recognized him as The Spectre, a hero from legend that founded The Traveling Sword.


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