Tales of The Traveling Sword

The Silent Outpost

The Copper Viper on their first quest

Lilli, Sariel, Storm, and Runt are tasked with investigating the sudden silence of the outpost outside of Dekhmikini. The outpost existed to ensure that neither the warlike tribes of the Dragonborn or the surrounding villages would attack each other. The party arrives to find that the outpost has been raided and the agents there killed. They notice that the intelligence papers have been taken as well. As the party begins to track the thieves, they spy a Dragonborn approaching them. It’s a woman who claims that she has been helping the operatives by bringing them food and materials from Dekhmikini every month or so. She assists the party in finding the thieves, and during the fighting they watch as she manipulates the elements around her to take down the thieves almost singlehandedly (can’t spell words). After the fighting, she gives the party a scroll she found on the leader of the group, and turns to leave. Storm had spotted the woman pocketing a second and scroll and when they confronted her (with some hesitation as she scared the party shitless) she revealed a note that had been addressed to her, and she left. The party read the scroll that she had been given and saw that the outpost had discovered evidence of a rebellion brewing in Frothsguard. The party located the base of the rebellion in the basement of a tavern called “The Princes Cabin”, a reference to the deceased founder of Frothsguard, Prince Logan.

Inside the basement of the tavern the party found detailed battle plans for attacking the fortress of the traveling sword. The plans showed that the cities of Marlgrad and Avgard were also providing soldiers for the attack. The party then realized they must hurry and warn those back at the fortress of the impending attack.

Runt then decided that he wanted some booze, and proceeded to try and steal one of the casks of Ale from the tavern, after several failed attempts (one of which ended with a drinking contest and the entire party passed out on the floor) they managed to get a cask out of the tavern and onto a caravan that Storm and Lilli had stolen. Sariel was not amused.


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