Tales of The Traveling Sword

Seducing, and Sneaking

The Copper Viper engages in some sneakery

When we last left the party they were en route to the fortress of the traveling sword. The party ended up spotting the soldiers who were trying to attack the sword, and they decided to drop in and see if they could steal the battle plans.

Sadly for Runt, the party decided that they should use the ale they had stolen previously as a cover for their presence in the camp. Sariel, and Runt went in with the ale, while Storm and Lilli sneaked in on their own. Sariel used the ale as an excuse to get the officers drunk and steal information from them. Runt spent the rest of the night crying in the now empty ale cart.

Sariel’s mission went smoothly, she managed to seduce several high ranking officers and even took one to bed with her. She “distracted” the officer while Lilli stole all of the documents from his room.

While all of this was happening, Storm was attempting to sneak into the lead officers tent. He ran into a few problems along the way. A drunk soldier spotted storm and tried to talk to him, this led to a triple homicide as the tent he tried to hide the drunk soldier in was occupied.

After some time, Storm made his way into the lead officers tent and stole the battle plans and maps. unfortunately he was spotted as he left the tent and had to book it. He tried to light a few tents on fire with is spears, however he missed his throw and nearly lit up the caravan Runt was in.

The commotion Storm made caused Lilli to be spotted, luckily she managed to get away and hide with Runt in the cart. However the gates were closing and Sariel couldn’t rick being found out. So she took Lilli and chucked her over the wall and out of the camp.

The party escaped and made their way back to the sword. It was time to prepare for war.


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