Tales of The Traveling Sword

Seducing, and Sneaking
The Copper Viper engages in some sneakery

When we last left the party they were en route to the fortress of the traveling sword. The party ended up spotting the soldiers who were trying to attack the sword, and they decided to drop in and see if they could steal the battle plans.

Sadly for Runt, the party decided that they should use the ale they had stolen previously as a cover for their presence in the camp. Sariel, and Runt went in with the ale, while Storm and Lilli sneaked in on their own. Sariel used the ale as an excuse to get the officers drunk and steal information from them. Runt spent the rest of the night crying in the now empty ale cart.

Sariel’s mission went smoothly, she managed to seduce several high ranking officers and even took one to bed with her. She “distracted” the officer while Lilli stole all of the documents from his room.

While all of this was happening, Storm was attempting to sneak into the lead officers tent. He ran into a few problems along the way. A drunk soldier spotted storm and tried to talk to him, this led to a triple homicide as the tent he tried to hide the drunk soldier in was occupied.

After some time, Storm made his way into the lead officers tent and stole the battle plans and maps. unfortunately he was spotted as he left the tent and had to book it. He tried to light a few tents on fire with is spears, however he missed his throw and nearly lit up the caravan Runt was in.

The commotion Storm made caused Lilli to be spotted, luckily she managed to get away and hide with Runt in the cart. However the gates were closing and Sariel couldn’t rick being found out. So she took Lilli and chucked her over the wall and out of the camp.

The party escaped and made their way back to the sword. It was time to prepare for war.

Mysteries in Marlgrad
Today Alex made up so much on the spot his head almost exploded

The Silver Falcon traveled to Marlgrad after they determined that Durza was not in Avgard (see previous entry) and they arrived to find another man dressed as The Spectre. The party quickly realized that whoever is leading this rebellion must have multiple people posing as the Spectre to help recruit more to the cause. As they plan their next move, Rolf realized that the man dressed as the Spectre had a voice similar to Durzas! Just as Rolf was about to tell the rest of the party, the “Spectre” turned the crowd onto the party. While the party tried to diffuse the situation Durza/the Spectre slipped away, and a group of people grabbed the party and dragged them away.

The party came too in a room with an old Dwarf. Larunem noticed an armor rack in the corner that held armor similar to what the Spectre imposters were wearing. This armor however looked like the genuine article, with more scars and signs of aging. The man revealed himself to be Fantomo and while he never explicitly told the party that he was the Spectre, he did reveal that it was the armor of the Spectre, and that the weapon had been stolen. The party told Fantomo that they would find him is weapon, which was supposedly presented to King Garvar Durioak as a present recently. Fantomo also revealed that Durza had killed and stolen the identity of the guy who was supposed to be acting as the Spectre, and that he had only turned on the party to preserve his cover. Durza revealed to the party through a private message that he had been sending messages to the sword about his work, and he was surprised that they had not received them.

After deciding that there was no way of figuring out what happened to the messages, the party found out when the rebellion planned to move on the fortress of the traveling sword, and headed home to help prepare for the coming war.

Along the way they passed the army, and decided to set traps along the road in order to stall the army. Jules decided to try and bribe a nearby gang of bandits to attack the army. The bandit leader agreed, but with a catch, the party would have to leave someone behind with the bandits in order to ensure that the party wasn’t lying about the “small group” that was going to be passing through. Jules managed to get away once the fighting started, so the bandit leader doesn’t know he was lied too.

The party is now on route to the fortress.

The Silent Outpost
The Copper Viper on their first quest

Lilli, Sariel, Storm, and Runt are tasked with investigating the sudden silence of the outpost outside of Dekhmikini. The outpost existed to ensure that neither the warlike tribes of the Dragonborn or the surrounding villages would attack each other. The party arrives to find that the outpost has been raided and the agents there killed. They notice that the intelligence papers have been taken as well. As the party begins to track the thieves, they spy a Dragonborn approaching them. It’s a woman who claims that she has been helping the operatives by bringing them food and materials from Dekhmikini every month or so. She assists the party in finding the thieves, and during the fighting they watch as she manipulates the elements around her to take down the thieves almost singlehandedly (can’t spell words). After the fighting, she gives the party a scroll she found on the leader of the group, and turns to leave. Storm had spotted the woman pocketing a second and scroll and when they confronted her (with some hesitation as she scared the party shitless) she revealed a note that had been addressed to her, and she left. The party read the scroll that she had been given and saw that the outpost had discovered evidence of a rebellion brewing in Frothsguard. The party located the base of the rebellion in the basement of a tavern called “The Princes Cabin”, a reference to the deceased founder of Frothsguard, Prince Logan.

Inside the basement of the tavern the party found detailed battle plans for attacking the fortress of the traveling sword. The plans showed that the cities of Marlgrad and Avgard were also providing soldiers for the attack. The party then realized they must hurry and warn those back at the fortress of the impending attack.

Runt then decided that he wanted some booze, and proceeded to try and steal one of the casks of Ale from the tavern, after several failed attempts (one of which ended with a drinking contest and the entire party passed out on the floor) they managed to get a cask out of the tavern and onto a caravan that Storm and Lilli had stolen. Sariel was not amused.

Tracking a lost agent
Jules, Rolf, Toque, Larunem go on their first quest

The members of the Silver Falcon were called in for their first mission briefing. The party was surprised to find that the only person greeting them wasDeaenla Xeaz informed them that Durza had gone missing and they were being assigned to find him. Durza had been sent to look for a merchant who had disappeared on his way to Avgard. The party finds a destroyed caravan and signs of a skirmish with tracks leading away from the caravan towards Avgard. As the party investigated they were able to deduce that an Owlbear had attacked and killed the merchant, and Durza along with his partner Eridan had slain it during their investigation. Toque climbed inside the caravan in order to gather materials and search for clues. While looking around Larunem heard a sound and the party got into readying position. Soon a raiding party of goblins emerged from the forest to ransack the caravan. The party dispatched them after some difficulty and during the fighting Toque discovered a secret compartment in the caravan that contained small statues, they recognized the statues as the same ones that lay smashed on the ground outside. After smashing the statue they found inside a map of the fortress of the traveling sword and worried that there may be a traitor in their midst.

The Silver Falcon continued to Avgard and questioned the merchants that were expecting supplies from the destroyed caravan. They met with three merchants, Or’ncif, Shaedevn, and Thiyravn. Shaedevn and Or’ncif both had one thing in common, they were expecting materials made by Dorgal Torand. (Shaedevn wanted weapons, and Or’ncif wanted mythril which he was weaving in his everyday clothing) the number one suspect was Thiyravn as she had in her store the same statues the map was in. After smashing one of the statues into the ground Toque discovered to his embarrassment that the plans were not inside all of the statues, and that it was a coincidence that Thiyravn sold them. After making one last stop at the shop the herbalist Corinth whom Rolf knew from when he was younger, they decided that the best bet for finding Durza and the traitor was to search for Dorgal in his hometown of Marlgrad. While leaving they saw a crowd begin to form in the town square, addressing the town was a man dressed in jet black armor and holding a large black sword the party recognized him as The Spectre, a hero from legend that founded The Traveling Sword.

Training Day

The parties were introduced to Durza, Deaenla Xeaz, Dorgal Torand, and Moralis. As well as each other, and were separated into 2 squads the Silver Falcon and the Copper Viper. They participated in a short training exercise to help out Crystal Heart and then went to work on their own training.

What happened since
Preparing for new heroes

After an attack from below by the Drow. The Traveling Sword took it upon themselves to head off into the Underdark and fight the Drow into submission. Several years past and none of the soldiers sent into the Underdark returned. The war is considered to be over, however the Traveling Sword has been greatly weakened. Among those lost include Morgal Blacktooth, Beacon, and Anath.

In the intervening years Durza proved to be an adept leader, and he led the Sword through the tough years. Until recently when Grand Master Deaenla Xeaz send Durza and his partner Eridan on a special mission.

Now the The Traveling Sword awaits new recruit to protect the land in this uncertain time.

Game Two
Let's Stop a War

The party was given a new contract. They were to identify the source of the dispute between the two city-states of Marlgrad and Karnak, then they were to end it. When they went to Karnak, the leaders of the city claimed that they had raised the import tax on the goods Marlgrad was sending to the city. However they would not specify the reason that this tax had been raised. Marlgrad’s leader Garvar Durioak claimed that because of the raise in taxes, Karnak was bleeding his city dry. He told the party that he was ready to go to war if the need be. It became apparent that the war was not going to be easily stopped.

Nothing was achieved at the actual summit, however afterwards Durza was able to stop Garvar Durioak from declaring war by warning him of the aftereffects of his actions.

The First Game

The party was taken to the fortress of the traveling sword where they met with several of the support staff, and began training under the command of Morrid Blacktooth. They began training by fighting each other one on one. The results were very one sided with Durza the clear winner.

The party was taken to meet with Deaenla Xeaz and she gave them their first contract. They were being hired to protect a merchant caravan as it traveled from Lorkmere to Avgard. The party was attacked by bandits and they killed the bandit leader and went on to destroy the bandit camp.

The party’s pay for this contract was 1,200 gold pieces.

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