Tales of The Traveling Sword

Mysteries in Marlgrad

Today Alex made up so much on the spot his head almost exploded

The Silver Falcon traveled to Marlgrad after they determined that Durza was not in Avgard (see previous entry) and they arrived to find another man dressed as The Spectre. The party quickly realized that whoever is leading this rebellion must have multiple people posing as the Spectre to help recruit more to the cause. As they plan their next move, Rolf realized that the man dressed as the Spectre had a voice similar to Durzas! Just as Rolf was about to tell the rest of the party, the “Spectre” turned the crowd onto the party. While the party tried to diffuse the situation Durza/the Spectre slipped away, and a group of people grabbed the party and dragged them away.

The party came too in a room with an old Dwarf. Larunem noticed an armor rack in the corner that held armor similar to what the Spectre imposters were wearing. This armor however looked like the genuine article, with more scars and signs of aging. The man revealed himself to be Fantomo and while he never explicitly told the party that he was the Spectre, he did reveal that it was the armor of the Spectre, and that the weapon had been stolen. The party told Fantomo that they would find him is weapon, which was supposedly presented to King Garvar Durioak as a present recently. Fantomo also revealed that Durza had killed and stolen the identity of the guy who was supposed to be acting as the Spectre, and that he had only turned on the party to preserve his cover. Durza revealed to the party through a private message that he had been sending messages to the sword about his work, and he was surprised that they had not received them.

After deciding that there was no way of figuring out what happened to the messages, the party found out when the rebellion planned to move on the fortress of the traveling sword, and headed home to help prepare for the coming war.

Along the way they passed the army, and decided to set traps along the road in order to stall the army. Jules decided to try and bribe a nearby gang of bandits to attack the army. The bandit leader agreed, but with a catch, the party would have to leave someone behind with the bandits in order to ensure that the party wasn’t lying about the “small group” that was going to be passing through. Jules managed to get away once the fighting started, so the bandit leader doesn’t know he was lied too.

The party is now on route to the fortress.


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