Tales of The Traveling Sword

Game Two

Let's Stop a War

The party was given a new contract. They were to identify the source of the dispute between the two city-states of Marlgrad and Karnak, then they were to end it. When they went to Karnak, the leaders of the city claimed that they had raised the import tax on the goods Marlgrad was sending to the city. However they would not specify the reason that this tax had been raised. Marlgrad’s leader Garvar Durioak claimed that because of the raise in taxes, Karnak was bleeding his city dry. He told the party that he was ready to go to war if the need be. It became apparent that the war was not going to be easily stopped.

Nothing was achieved at the actual summit, however afterwards Durza was able to stop Garvar Durioak from declaring war by warning him of the aftereffects of his actions.


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